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Montreal Meat Dry-Ageing Fridges

Located in Terrebonne, in Quebec, Thomas Technologie Développement specializes in the field of controlled refrigeration and in the fabrication of meat aging systems.

We serve all of North America, Canada and United States.

Area of activity

Our company was founded by Yves Thomas in 1996. Today, we have 3 skilled associates and work in the commercial and residential sectors.

We are trusted for the quality of our equipment by businesses like supermarkets, butchers, restaurants and individual meat lovers.

We have a rich experience in the field of controlled refrigeration.

Our equipment consists mainly in meat dry-aging fridges.

We offer, amongst others, refrigerators, chambers, as well as meat dry-aging cases.

Our expertise in the field of commercial refrigeration enables us to design highly efficient equipment.

Quebec meat dry-aging cases

Performance aging fridges, meats with a unique taste


Quality Equipment

At Thomas Technologie Développement, you can expect personalized services.

You have a full range of selection between the various models of dry-aging and drying cabinets.

It's important to understand that meat aging fridges play a key role in the maturation of meats.

When the animal is slaughtered, its muscles free themselves of lactic acid. This substance makes the meat harder.

During the aging process, the lactic acid activates the enzymes responsible for the relaxation of the meat.

The result: the meat becomes more tender and flavourful.

Quebec meat dry-aging cases

Our products reflect our experience


10 reasons to choose our products:

  • LED lighting
  • Easy and simple cleaning (parts are easily removed)
  • Fully airtight chamber (crucial condition for efficiency)
  • Electronic management system of the aging conditions
  • Fully computerized system
  • Ventilation manager
  • Humidity manager (imperative for quality aging)
  • Alarm system
  • PC and Iphone app available
  • Perfect aging without major loss of meat (total loss: 5% to 6%)

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