Meat dry-aging fridges: the advantages for your business

Compared the dry-aging locker rooms and counter for meat

1) LED lighting 1) Neon lighting
2) Easy and simple ( parts are easily removed ) 2) Difficult and complex cleaning ( the chamber must be dismantled for cleaning )
3) Chamber is fully airtight (crucial condition for efficiency) 3) Chamber with sliding and non-airtight doors (crucial condition for efficiency)
4) Electronic management system of the aging conditions. 4) NONE
5) Fully computerized system. 5) NONE
6) Ventilation manager 6) NONE
7) Moisture management (imperative for quality aging) 7) NONE
8) Alarm system 8) NONE
9) PC and Iphone app (available). 9) NONE
10) Perfect aging without major loss of meat mass (as little as 5% to 6%). 10) Very average aging, major loss of meat mass in the range of 24% to 29%.
11) Loss due to transformation = 1% 11) Loss due to transformation = from 5% to 8%.
12) TOTAL LOSS = 5% to 6% (only) 12) TOTAL LOSS = 30% and higher.
13) Deal and controlled aging quality. 13) Very average aging and lots of loss.

Offering aged beef to your customers attracts customers looking for beef worthy of the best steakhouses in Montreal (La Queue de Cheval, 40 West, 40 Nord, etc.)

  • A great way to distinguish yourself from the supermarkets that don't have a meat dry-aging fridge
  • - A wonderful way to attract new customers to your store or to increase total sales.
  • An excellent way to significantly increase your meat sales.
  • You considerably increase your profit margin on beef that you age yourself in-store.
  • You significantly increase the amount of sales per transaction in your meat department. (The average price of beef aged on-site is around $55.00/kg).
  • The sales per square foot generated by your THOMAS Technologie meat dry-aging fridge will be by far the highest in your store. Also, the profits generated per square foot will grow thanks to the small amount of space that the THOMAS Technologie meat aging chamber occupies. You can charge higher prices for meat that has been aged in-store.
  • Small chamber ( L 24" x W 30" x H 79") = 5 square feet = $56k (sales/year) = $11k (sales per sq.f)
  • Medium chamber (L 48" x W 30" x H 79") = 10 square feet = $125k (sales/year) = $12k (sales per sq.f)
  • Large chamber (L 64" x W 30" x H 79") = 13.5 square feet = $192k (sales/year) = $14k (sales per sq.f)
    • Note: The sales are estimates based on aging capacity in terms of time and volume for the 3 different sizes of meat aging chambers from Thomas Techno-logie Développement Inc.
  • Adding a THOMAS Technologie Développement meat dry-aging fridge will increase the value of your business
Thomas Technologie Développement Inc.