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Increase your profits with a Thomas Développement meat aging chamber by yielding the best meat to square foot ratio in your business.

Adding a meat dry-aging fridge will increase the value of your business because you're certain to considerably increase sales and profits.

With our meat dry-aging chambers in your company, you'll increase meat sales as well as overall sales in your business.

Your beef inventory will soar in value in line with its 24/7 aging process.


  • 24 24x30x79 120 v 20a 60 hz 8-12
  • 48 48x30x79 125v / 250v / 20a 60 hz 16-24
  • 72 72x30x79 125v / 250v / 20a 60 hz 24 - 36
  • GLASS door chambers
  • Side window available
  • Our chamber is equipped with a lock for control of access.
  • Custom fabrication available.
  • Convert a refrigerator into a meat dry-aging chamber.
  • Credit is available. Leasing - Credit is fast, easy and confidential, giving you the ability to pay over several months, which leaves your bankroll free for other things and doesn't affect your credit line and constitutes a tax-deductible expense.
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