A wide variety of controlled environment chambers for quality meats

Thomas Technologie Développement specializes in the construction of controlled environment chambers.

The aging process is indispensable for tender meat

Our products are dedicated to the residents of Montreal and Laval.

Our cases are used to dry age meats to give them exemplary flavour and tenderness.

The aging process allows the enzymes to tenderize the muscle and give it a special taste.

This technique is especially nice when applied to pieces to be gilled or roasted.

Quebec controlled environment chambers

The secret to flavourful meat

A reliable piece of equipment to improve your recipes

We manufacture and sell controlled environment chambers and drying cabinets for bakeries.

The dry-aging of meat relies on several important factors, most notably including humidity, temperature, speed of ventilation and air circulation.

Purchasing equipment from Thomas Technologie Développement represents a long-term investment.

This initiative will allow you to increase profits.

Equipment sought after by supermarkets, butchers and restaurants


Quebec controlled environment chambers

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