A drying cabinet is a device used for the fermentation of bread.Thomas Technologie sells several types of drying cabinets for bakeries.

We offer various types of drying cabinets

Our equipment is reliable, performing and easy to use.

In general, a drying cabinet is used to accelerate the fermentation of bread.

This device slowly heats breads to room temperature.

This equipment can regulate the heat and hygrometry for the finalization of different products.

It ensures pre-polymerization and cooking of breads.

Quebec drying cabinets for bakeries

A perfect drying cabinet


A few points about drying cabinets

Thomas Technologie Développement offers you a wide range of drying cabinets and meat agers (refrigerators, chambers and cases).

The balance of humidity and temperature gives the bread a unique colour and flavour.

Our professionals put their expertise to work to help you through your choice, so that you leave with the drying cabinet that's best suited to your area of activity.

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Quebec drying cabinets for bakeries

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