Located in Terrebonne, Quebec, Thomas Technologie Développement sells a multitude of meat aging fridges.

Performance aging for a quality meat

Thomas Technologie Développement sells a line of meat agers including refrigerators, chambers and cases.

This process is used to improve the taste qualities of the meat.

It's important to note that the death of the animal causes the phenomenon known as rigor mortis.

Thanks to this aging system, the muscular fibres of the animal become supple.

The most important effect of this process is the tenderizing of the flesh.

Quebec meat aging fridges

The guarantee of tender meat


We sell meat aging fridges at the cutting edge of technology

Thomas Technologie Développement offers meat aging fridges of optimal efficiency.

The reliability of our products is guaranteed by our 10 years of experience in the industry.

Note that the duration of the meat's aging depends significantly on its composition.

It can last from a few days to several weeks depending on the original characteristics of the meat.

Also, our devices ensure a tender meat with unmatched flavour, regardless of its properties.

10 years of experience in meat dry-aging fridge manufacturing


Quebec meat aging fridges

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