Thomas Technologie Développement sells meat dry-aging chambers.

Modern meat aging chambers, flavourful meats

Our potential market extends into Montreal and Laval. Meats transform and tenderize in the heart of the aging chambers.

Their aroma, tenderness and taste vary from one species to another.

Dry-aging is an enzymatic process which aims to develop the natural flavour of each animal.

By purchasing meat dry-aging chambers, you're sure to receive a high performance machine.

Quebec meat dry-aging chambers

The aging of meat, a natural process


Meat of incomparable taste

Thomas Technologie Développement sells chambers, refrigerators and cases for the dry-aging of meat.

These systems allow procure meats of incomparable nutritional value by concentrating the juices within the heart of the muscular fibres.

Made up of 6 skilled professionals, our team is here to listen to all your recommendations.

We subscribe to a set of entrepreneurial values that serve only to offer you relevant advice in choosing your equipment.

Quebec meat dry-aging chambers

Designing meat dry-aging chambers: our job


The roles of meat dry-aging chambers:

  • Activation of enzymes through lactic acid
  • Fragmentation of the protein structures
  • Tenderizing of the meat

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